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Dominica's citizenship by Investment programme

Terms and conditions of naturalization and obtaining of Dominica citizenship and passport.

Dominica is an independent island state in the Caribbean. It is a member of the United Nations and a number of other regional and international institutions. Dominica offers every interested citizen of other countries a program of "Dominica's citizenship by Investment programme". This program differs from the same programs of other countries by being less expensive. Also it is a simple, understandable and democratic scheme of naturalization and obtaining of Dominica passport.

  • In 1993 the Government of Dominica introduced what was then called the Economic Citizenship Programme which gave investors seeking a second citizenship, the opportunity to become citizens of Dominica, by making a cash investment in the country.
  • In January of 2014 the Government restyled its programme as the Citizenship by Investment Programme and introduced an added component to the investment package. Investors now have the opportunity to obtain citizenship of Dominica by investing in an approved project which provides them with the opportunity not only to obtain a second citizenship but also to invest in a business and obtain financial returns.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme forms an important part of the Government's thrust to advance the socio-economic development of the island. Government views the Citizenship by Investment programme as one component of its national capital mobilization portfolio towards its ultimate goal of national development and as such intends to channel capital from the programme towards public and private sector projects where a need is identified. Under the approved project option of the programme, Government's emphasis is on the tourism, information technology, agricultural and manufacturing sectors and therefore private sector projects to be financed under the programme will fall within one of these sectors.

At the present time the Dominica citizenship by Investment programme is the most simple, required the least time and minimum cash investment to obtain a second citizenship from all such programs in the world.

The duration of the program as well as the number of those who can be naturalized and obtain the passport of Dominica, are not limited. The program may be ended at any moment. So the person who wants to get the second passport and be naturalized legally, should hurry and do so before this facility is no longer available. Note however that the termination of the programme by the Government does not affect the rights of persons who have already obtained citizenship and passport.

Dominica does not offer the possibility for criminal and anti-social elements to avoid liability under the law of other countries. So the procedure for acquiring citizenship of Dominica requires scrutiny of the applicants. Thus, a foreign citizen who chooses to obtain citizenship of Dominica must agree to a thorough scrutiny of his background.

In brief, one should do the following, to be naturalized and obtain the Dominica passport:

  1. To provide the documents and confirmed data from the list approved by the government of Dominica. Check the list here »
  2. It's necessary to invest in one of two options and pay all fees for processing the application and obtaining the citizenship.
  3. The interview is no longer required save in exceptional circumstances.

To save money, to avoid mistakes and quicken the process of drawing-up the documents, one should contact our company which a judicial agency authorized to work with applicants for Dominica citizenship.

If an applicant applies through our agency it takes about 3 months to complete the process.

How to be naturalized step by step in Dominica see Naturalization »

Once citizenship is granted it is not possible to denaturalize immigrants or to deprive the person of his passport except in only one case: if an applicant granted false information in his application.

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