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Naturalization: Procedure of Obtaining Dominica Citizenship

Step by step recommendations in naturalization and obtaining of the Dominica passport.

To be successfully naturalized and get the passport of Dominica and with minimal costs, you should use the services of our company. We are authorized by the Government of Dominica to help the investors, who invest to be naturalized according to the program of Dominica citizenship by Investment programme.

If you decide to use our service we will work with you in the following way:

Step 1. Beginning of the work and preparation of documents.

We will send you a retainer letter which sets out a summary of the process including our fees and Government fees.

Unlike with other authorized representatives, at this stage of the work with us, you do not pay the full amount for our services, but only half, and then we can start with you to prepare documents for the application for citizenship.

We will send you a list of the necessary documents, samples and forms that you need to collect and fill from your side. We will consult your about how to fill it, prepare, certify and will check on errors and mistakes by e-mail or fax.

All collected and ready documents need to be scanned on USB or CD, and together with originals to be sent via courier delivery to our address.

We prepare the documents that you send us, and present them to the Government of Dominica.

Step 2. Submission and review of application for Dominica citizenship.

To the time of submission your application to the Government of Dominica you will need to pay the Government fees for processing your application for Dominica citizenship and detective agency fee for the due diligence checks. This amount is payable directly to the account of the Government of Dominica and is non-refundable.

After receipt all appropriate processing fees and necessary documents, the Dominica government will issue a comfort letter to us acknowledging receipt of payment, and start to review the application and commission due diligence reports on the applicants.

After review of the same the Dominica government will advise us whether the application has been approved in principle, denied or delayed for cause and is still being processed.

The interview of the applicant is no longer required save in exceptional circumstances.

Step 3. Investment Deposits.

It is a difference in the process of payment of the investment for the real estate and the cash contribution. The up front payment into an escrow account applies only to the real estate. The cash payment is only required when approval has been given by the Government.

If the Government of Dominica verify the documents and issued a preliminary approval of your application, we will notify you immediately.

You shall transfer the investment amount in whole (included the net of bank and transfer charges) directly to the account of Dominica government. The investment will not be transferred from this account until naturalization certificates have been issued.

At the same time with investment deposit you pay directly to us the second half for our services.

Step 4. Taking of Oath and Certificates of Naturalization

After receiving the investment and the final approval of the application by the Government of Dominica, we will send you the text of the Oath of Allegiance, which must be signed by every member of the family, certified by Notary public and returned to us via courier delivery.

After receiving the Oath of Allegiance, Dominica government issues certificates of naturalization and we will be able to obtain a passport. These documents we will send you via courier delivery unless, of course, you'd like to get them personally.

Additionally we can also help to get a driving license of Dominica and provide other services.

To apply for Dominica citizenship through us is very simple: all procedure of obtaining the second passport takes about 3 months.

If you have any questions, check our FAQ section or contact us - we will glad to help you.

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