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Visa Free Countries
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Second Citizenship FAQ
At this site you will find information on how to get a second passport and citizenship of the state of Dominica. You will also get to know about services provided by the Caribbean Offshore Service Corp.

At this site there is following information:

  1. About company Caribbean Offshore Service Corp. which provides various services including application for second citizenship and passport of Dominica.
  2. Dominica – about the state of Dominica and short guide book.
  3. Dominica Citizenship – legislation, terms and conditions of naturalization and obtaining of Dominica passport.
  4. Who and Why – who needs the second citizenship and second passport.
  5. Visa Free Countries - list of countries to which Dominica passport holders may enter without visa or to get on arrival.
  6. Cost of Citizenship - all expenses and cost of Dominica citizenship.
  7. List of Documents and requirements to the applicants for Dominica citizenship.
  8. Procedure of Obtaining – what and how it's necessary to do to be naturalized and obtain citizenship and passport of Dominica.
  9. Second Citizenship FAQ - frequently asked questions on naturalization and obtaining of Dominica passport and citizenship.
  10. Apply for Second Passport or request more information about second citizenship.
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