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All expenses and cost of Dominica citizenship

All expenses for to obtain Dominica citizenship totally composed from the following amounts:

I. Required investment (payable directly to the Government):

At the present you have two options to obtain Dominica citizenship by Investment programme of Dominica:

Option 1. Real estate investment.

You have the opportunity to obtain Dominica citizenship by investing in an approved project, which provides you an opportunity not only to obtain a second citizenship, but also to invest in the business and obtain financial returns.


  • The minimum investment required is 200,000 USD for each main applicant.

    Two or more applicants may apply for Citizenship by Investment together by purchasing one piece of real estate, provided that each main applicant contributes the minimum investment of 200,000.00 USD towards the investment.

  • In addition the following fees are payable to the Dominica Government for each applicant as follows:
    • US$50,000 — for the main applicant;
    • USD $75,000 - for a family of up to four persons (main applicant and three dependents)
    • USD $100,000 - for a family of up to six persons (main applicant and five dependents)
    • US$20,000 — for each additional dependent under 18 years of age;
    • US$25,000 - for each additional dependent aged over 18 years;
Option 2. Cash Investment

The amount of investment will be used by the Dominica Government to develop the country. Your gain is the citizenship of Dominica.


  • US $ 100,000 — for a Single Applicant
  • US $ 175,000 — for an applicant and spouse
  • US $ 175,000 — for an applicant and up two children below eighteen years.
  • US $ 200,000 — for an applicant, spouse and up to two children below the age of eighteen years.
  • US $ 200,000 — for an applicant with spouse and up to two children below the age of eighteen years plus US $ 50,000 for any other dependents.
  • Where a person who has already received citizenship through a cash investment under the Citizenship by Investment Programme makes an application in respect to a dependent who did not form part of the person's original application, and who was a dependent at the time the application was made, the minimum investment payable to the Unit shall be an additional fee of:
    • US$50,000 — per each such dependent
    • US$75,000 — for a spouse

The up front payment into an escrow account applies only to the real estate. The cash payment is only required when approval has been given by the Government.

If you’ve not yet granted Dominica citizenship, you can stop the process of obtaining citizenship and the investment amount will be returned to you. If for some reasons Government will decide do not grant you the citizenship, the investment will be fully refunded.

II. Costs for to review the application for the Dominica citizenship (the Non-refundable amount payable to the Dominica Government):

To be paid on submission of any application for citizenship and includes processing fees and due diligence background checks.

  • US$ 3000 — Processing fee
  • Due Diligence fee:
    • US$ 7500 for the main applicant
    • US$ 7500 for Spouse
    • US$ 4000 for each additional applicant over age of 16

    Children the age of 15 and under are exempted from requirement to go through Due Diligence.

  • US$ 750 for each applicant and include fee for Certificate of Naturalization and stamp fees.
  • US$1,200 - cost of expedited process for passport.

On submission of an application for registration of a child who is not more than five (5) years old and who is born to an applicant after he/she has received citizenship, a fee of US$2,000 is payable.

III. Our fees for processing an application for economic citizenship (payable directly to our company account):

Please note - that the payment for our professional fee is payable in two steps:

  • First half of amount must be paid upon signing Retainer Letter. After that we can advise you how to prepare and filling necessary documents, and will send you the samples of documents, and etc.
  • The second half must be paid after the preliminary approval of your application by the Government of Dominica, and it is at the same time, when the investment amount will be payable to the Government.

Total price for to obtain the second citizenship and Dominica passport:

The cost of Dominica citizenship and second passport depends on the number of people participating in the application for citizenship and is calculated from the accounting of all amounts: the price of the investment, the price for to review the application for the second citizenship, the price of the registered agent services.

For to calculate the total amount for to obtain Dominica citizenship for your case please contact us and indicate the following information: amount of applicants, their relationship (applicant, spouse, children and etc.) and their age.

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