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Those, who want to have a tax-free legal business outside they own country, should be sure to know: Dominica citizens don't pay tax on overseas income or capital growth tax or inheritance income.

The notions of "Offshore business" and "Offshore Company" are absolutely legal in Dominica. A Dominica citizens is not required to pay taxes in Dominica for any activity - whether work or business - outside the country. The Government of Dominica is not interested in the income of citizens derived from overseas activities. You do not even need to file a return or declare such income if you are a citizen but do not resides in Dominica


Ones, who like to travel around the world either without visas or with minimum of procedures, may be delighted to know: citizens of Dominica can enter without visas more than 100 countries, including Great Britain, Singapore, Lichtenstein, etc. Since 2015 year the Dominica citizens can travel without visa to all Schengen countries.

Because Dominica is a small country which is not involved in any controversial international issues, persons who have Dominica passports do encounter less immigration and border problems (if any), when traveling as compared to citizens of Russia, China, Ukraine or Belarus and other countries.


People, who like to get away from the noisy and stuffy metropolis, can also be seduced by the calm life on the heavenly peaceful island of Dominica, among kind-hearted and friendly inhabitants, untouched nature, clear air, water and abundance of natural products. Further, as a citizen of Dominica, it is easier to obtain residence permits in a great number of countries.

Dominica is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first country to establish a fully digital telecommunication system. Dominica is therefore a modern country, providing easy telecommunication access to person who live or do business here. 

Caribbean Offshore Service Corp.

Our company was established on 10th of September 1999, registered and operates in the state "Commonwealth of Dominica", or simply "Dominica".

We are licensed and authorized by the Government of Dominica to promote in naturalization and obtaining of Dominica passport by the citizens of other states.

Director and founder of the company – ALICK C. LAWRENCE.

Alick Lawrence is one of the most successful and well-known lawyers in Dominica, with a reputation as reliable and honest person, provides consulting services to leading companies in Dominica, working closely with the Government for many years on various legal issues: he is the one of advisers for Prime Minister and President of Dominica.

You can read the recommendation on behalf of the Minister for Economic Development and Urban Renewal in Dominica (who was responsible for citizenship in 2008), which confirms the close work of the founder of our company - Alick Lawrence - with the Dominica Government under the economic citizenship programme since 1996.

Office address:

Caribbean Offshore Service Corp. Nancy Whiticker House, 7 Old Street, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica


+1 767 448 7697 – in English (our working hours are Mon - Fri.,8 am - 4 pm Dominica time) Fax: +1 767 448 3511


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