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Frequently asked questions on the second citizenship and passport of Dominica

  1. Is knowledge of English necessary to obtain citizenship?
    - No
  2. Where to get information on naturalization and passport of Dominica?
    - In Caribbean Offshore Service Corp., who are licensed and authorized by the Government of Dominica to promote in naturalization and obtaining of Dominica passport by the citizens of other states.
  3. Can you guarantee the confidentiality of my negotiations on naturalization?
    - No doubt.
  4. How much will it cost me to get the passport of Dominica and be naturalized there?
    - It depends on the number of family members, the country of present citizenship and permanent residence, how often you have changed your residence and the country of your last domiciliation. Please, kindly see the information about all expenses and cost for to obtain Dominica citizenship by Investment programme.
  5. If I get the passport of Dominica and be naturalized in Dominica, must I deny my present citizenship?
    - There is no such a requirement in Dominica, it depends on the law of the country of your original citizenship.
  6. If I'm naturalized in Dominica, what are terms and conditions according to which information on my new citizenship may be given to any bodies or authorities of the country, the citizen of which I am, or to the competent bodies of the third countries?
    - On the general grounds like other citizens of Dominica.
  7. If I'm naturalized in Dominica, can I be denaturalized and what are the grounds?
    - The only ground is false information given by the applicant.
  8. If I begin the procedure of naturalization, must I visit Dominica and if I must, at what step must I do that?
    - No, the visit to Dominica is not required. The interview of the applicant is no longer required save in exceptional circumstances.
  9. How long does it take to be naturalized?
    - It depends on how quickly the investor can provide the required information but it usually it takes about 3 months.
  10. How much must I pay at the different steps of the process of naturalization? Will the payments be returned to me if I am denied of naturalization?
    - The investments (net of bank charges and exchange rate differential) will be completely returned but the payments of processing fees, detective agency fees and our professional fee are not returned . Note, that we don't take the whole sum at once. Usually, if the first results of examination of your data are positive it's almost for sure that your expenses were not in vain.
  11. Are there any differences in the status and rights of the born citizens and those who are naturalized? If there are any what are they?
    - Naturalized citizens can be denaturalized if he or she gave the false data.
  12. Is there a list of countries the citizens of which can not be naturalized according to the laws of Dominica? Or, at least, are there any reservations or special conditions of naturalization in Dominica?
    - No; any person may apply.
  13. Is there any inherent condition for obtaining citizenship?
    - No such conditions.
  14. If I, as citizen of one former USSR countries and naturalized in Dominica, is it possible to get a visa to the passport, which is given by that country?
    - Yes
  15. If I become a citizen of Dominica and open and register here a company, which will not conduct its activities in Dominica but outside it (an off-shore company), will I pay taxes in Dominica?
    - No, you won't pay taxes in Dominica.
  16. I am the owner of an off-shore company. If I am naturalized in Dominica must I pay taxes to Dominica's budget?
    - NO, your company will keep its tax-free status.
  17. Can I deny of my citizenship without going to Dominica?
    - Yes, you can. It's a rather simple procedure and there's no need for you to come to Dominica.
  18. Can I change my name and surname after my naturalization?
    - Yes.
  19. Can I ask to indicate in Dominica's documents other place or date of birth?
    - No, You can't. The procedure of naturalization is 100% legal and any falsification is restricted.

If you have any questions about the second citizenship and Dominica passport, please contact us (authorized agent by the Government of Dominica to help in obtaining of the Dominica citizenship) - we will glad to help you.

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